Permanent Gauge

Oxford Permanent Gauge System
The Oxford Permanent Gauge brings Simplicity, Reliability and Sophistication together into a single design that features the very latest in advanced downhole monitoring technology to increase the longevity of your artificial lift system.

With a proven design platform, clamp-on gauge carrier mount and ¼” single core cable connection, the Oxford Permanent Gauge is a versatile solution that is compatible with a variety of artificial lift types, including Progressive Cavity Pump, Reciprocating Rod Lift, Hydraulic Jet Pump and Gas Lift.

• Available with 212°F, 257°F and 302°F temperature ratings
• Compatible with PCP, ROD, JET, GAS Lift applications
• Available with 1450psi, 2900psi and 5800psi sensor options
• Compatible with all sizes and types of tubing strings
• Fully welded design with pressure testable gauge head